Paywall Settings Sidebar

The settings sidebar is split into 3 sections: Products; Design; and Advanced.


In this section, you choose your products to display on your paywall. You'll need to set up your products via Settings as detailed here.



We extract the page colors from the paywall template, which you can click on to customize.

Page ColorsThe extracted colors from the paywall template, which you can click on to customize.
Loading ColorIf your paywall is opened while it is loading, this color is used as the background color of the paywall.
Box shadow colorsThe color of the box shadows within the paywall.
Presentation StyleDetermines how your paywall is presented. Full Screen presents your paywall over the entire screen, while Modal presents your paywall as a drawer that can be swiped away. Push acts as if it's pushed onto a navigation stack, and No Animation presents the paywall without animation. You can catch a glimpse of what the styles look like in the preview to the right.
URLYour Paywall template's URL.


There are 2 advanced configuration options:

Presentation Targeting

You can override the default behavior of the SDK to always present regardless of subscription status by setting Present Paywall to Always

Feature Gating

Feature gating allows your team to retroactively decide if this paywall is Gated or Non Gated

Non Gated (default)Show Paywall → Execute FeatureWhen "Sign Up" button is pressed, show a paywall, but continue onboarding
GatedShow Paywall → Is user paying?
If Yes → Execute Feature
If No → Do Nothing
When "Start Workout" button is pressed, show a paywall, only continue if paying

Remember, the feature is always executed if

  1. No campaign is configured for the event
  2. The user is already paying