Creating Paywalls


Before creating a paywall on Superwall you'll need to have the URL of your paywall website. If you haven't got a paywall URL yet, you'll need to build a paywall website. If you have already created a paywall URL, make sure to follow the steps to 1) add Paywall.js to your existing website, and 2) add Data Tags to your HTML content so that elements can be easily customized in the editor.

Creating a paywall is as simple as clicking + Create New in the Paywalls table from your Home Page:

Enter a name for your paywall and your paywall website URL, then click Create:

This brings you to a paywall editor:

The Paywall Editor consists of 3 sections:

  1. The settings sidebar - General paywall settings and products to show on the paywall.
  2. The paywall previewer - An interactive preview of your paywall.
  3. The text editor - Edit the text of the elements on your paywall.

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