The pricing section of the settings sidebar allows you to change what products are displayed in your paywall. As we'll discuss soon, your paywall's text is dynamic and changes automatically to reflect pricing, trial and subscription periods depending on what products are selected.





Primary Product Identifier

The store kit product identifier for your primary product


Secondary Product Identifier

The store kit product identifier for your second product


Tertiary Product Identifier

The store kit product identifier for your third product


Setting Product Identifiers

If you use RevenueCat to handle in-app subscriptions, scroll down for a nice-to-have feature :)

Using App Store Connect

On App Store Connect, head over to Your App ▸ App Store ▸ Subscriptions ▸ Your Subscription Group:


Then, copy your Product ID:


Copy your product id

Paste this into the relevant field on Superwall:


Using RevenueCat

For those who use RevenueCat, Superwall automatically pulls in your product identifiers from any product attached to an offering using RevenueCat's offering api.

Firstly, make sure you add your App's iOS App Specific API Key inside of settings by tapping the cog wheel icon in the navigation bar from any page and selecting Settings:


Secondly, on RevenueCat make sure your products are associated inside an offering (it doesn't need to be the current offering).


Finally, all products associated with any offering will appear in each product's dropdown:



My products are not showing up

If you are using the Revenue Cat integration to fetch products, ensure that you have all your products associated with an offering within Revenue Cat. Once the products are found in the dropdown, their pricing information won't show up until you have opened your App with the Superwall SDK installed.

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