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The Superwall Dashboard is your control center. This is where you configure paywalls, setup triggers, view analytics and more. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free.

When you log in for the first time or create a new app, you'll see an onboarding checklist titled Getting Started:


As you complete the steps to integrate Superwall these items will check off automatically. See our Quick Start guide for help.



Superwall builds everyone a free paywall by hand

Superwall has built hundreds of paywalls for clients and has a unique vantage point on the industry. As a token of gratitude for signing up, we create a paywall for each customer, using best practices we've picked up along the way. Check your email for updates :)

The Paywalls section of the dashboard is where you'll configure and manage all your paywalls. When you first log in, you'll see an Example Paywall built out for you.

Here's what your Paywall section might look like at scale, with useful analytics:



The Campaigns section of the dashboard is where you configure when and who to show a paywall to, using triggers and rules. In the image below, Campaign 2 is triggered when the SDK fires either a pressed_continue_welcome_screen or load_feed event. Campaign 1's trigger is switched off, indicated by a cross through its icon and lack of background color. This means that the campaign won't be triggered for a viewed_welcome_screen event:



After integrating Superwall into your app, you'll notice useful analytics populate in realtime above the Paywalls table. Clicking the Options button allows you to refine date ranges, dimensions, and more.


Clicking a metric reveals a chart for the given time range and granularity:



Clicking the cog icon in the corner will bring up a list of actions that allow you to retrieve your Public API Key, manage your account, integrate RevenueCat, manage billing, and more.


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