You can localize paywalls for specific locales. The SDK will select the appropriate paywall locale based on the device's locale settings. If the chosen locale is not available, the English version will be displayed.

Select a paywall from the dashboard and click on EN to show the locale dropdown. Then click on Edit localizations ->:

Click Download Template to download the strings file for all of your paywalls:

This file follows a "original text" = "translated text" format for each of your paywall text elements. You should translate all the strings in the file into your desired language. Variables inside text fields will be replaced with {} in the original text.

Once you’ve completed translation, click Add Language:

Then select from a locale from the dropdown:

Upload your translation by clicking on the Upload Button:

Then click on the pop up and select your strings file:

Click the <- Paywall Editor button to head back to your paywall. You can preview your localized paywall by selecting the newly translated locale from your localization dropdown:

You can also preview it on device using the In-App Previews.