Install via CocoaPods

First, add the following to your Podfile:

pod 'Paywall', '< 3.0.0'

Next, run pod repo update to update your local spec repo. Why?

Finally, run pod install from your terminal :confetti-ball:

Updating to a New Release

Ensure your Podfile includes pod 'Paywall', '< 3.0.0', then run pod update Paywall --repo-update. This will update you to the latest minor release (2.X.X as of this writing), which will never include breaking changes (only new features / fixes!).

Import Paywall

You should now be able to import Paywall :)

import Paywall
@import Paywall;
// Must be installed via Cocoapods

@protocol SKPaymentTransactionObserver;
@protocol SKProductsRequestDelegate;
#import <Paywall/Paywall-Swift.h>


Looking for Xcode 12 support?

If you require Xcode 12 support, (for SDK versions 2.2.0 or greater), append -xcode-12 to any version you'd like to use in your Podfile, then follow the steps above. For example: pod 'Paywall', '2.2.0-xcode-12'

What’s Next