Setting User Attributes

By setting user attributes, you can display information about the user on the paywall. You can also define rules in a campaign to determine which paywall to show to a user, based on their user attributes.

You do this by passing a [String: Any] dictionary of attributes to Paywall.setUserAttributes(_:):

extension PaywallService {
  static func setUser() {
    guard let user = Auth.shared.user else {

    var attributes: [String: Any] = [
      "apnsToken": user.apnsTokenString,
      "username": user.username,
      "profilePic": user.profilePicUrl

Then, when you configure your paywall, you can reference the attributes in its text variables. For more information on how to that, see Configuring a Paywall.

In the future, you'll be able to use user attributes to:

  • Email/notify users about discounts.

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