Paywall Assignment

When a paywall is presented for the first time, Superwall looks at which paywalls you have turned on in your dashboard and assigns them in a round-robin fashion.

For example, assume your dashboard looks like this:


Here it will alternately assign new users to Main (Video) and Main (Designer Test 2).

Presented paywalls are sticky – once a paywall is assigned to a user, they will see that paywall forever even if the paywall is turned off.

However, the user can see a different paywall in the following circumstances:

  • When you disable the paywall and reassign users to a different one.
  • When you manually assign a paywall to a user in the Users tab.
  • When the user deletes and reinstalls the app.
  • When a trigger fires a different paywall.

Finding a User's Paywall

To find a user's Paywall, click on Users from the top navigation bar in Superwall:


On the Users page, you'll see a search bar and a list of recently created users.

You can search by a user identifier in the search bar. This identifier can be a Superwall-created alias that looks like $SuperwallAlias:9998... or any user id you supplied in Paywall.configure or Paywall.identify:


You can then click on a User Id to go to their profile:


Once you're on a specific user's page, you'll see which Paywall they are currently assigned to on the right-hand side of the page:


Re-assigning a user to a new Paywall

Sometimes you may want to re-assign a user to a new Paywall. This can be done by finding a specific user and clicking Re-assign:


In the pop-up that appears, click on the current Paywall name to bring up a list of all of your Paywalls, then select the one you wish to reassign them to:


If you choose (None), it will be as if they had never been assigned a paywall before. Once they open the app and a paywall needs to be shown, Superwall will review the available paywalls and then assign them one, if any are enabled.
You can also assign a user to a disabled paywall.

Click Save with your new selection to complete the reassignment: